First Amendment Retaliation

The Andrews Law Firm has filed countless cases for First Amendment retaliation against government entities and government employees. People work for the government under the belief that even though they may earn less money over their career, the benefits, retirement, and steady employment continue to attract individuals to work for local, state, and federal government agencies. Government employees do not give up their First Amendment rights at the door to their employer’s place of business. If you are retaliated for engaging in speech, conduct, or assembly protected by the First Amendment, you may be able to sue your employer, and other individuals who retaliated against you for lost wages, lost earning capacity, and emotional pain and suffering.
For First Amendment retaliation claims, we agree to represent our clients on a contingency-fee basis where the client will not pay any legal fees unless our firm is successful and obtains a recovery in your case. Contact our firm today to get in touch with our legal staff and set up your free consultation.