Medical Malpractice

When people visit their doctor or physician, they place their life and health in the hands of another. Unfortunately, doctors often make egregious mistakes that cause damage for the rest of their patient’s life, and sometimes cause the patient’s death.
The Andrews Law Firm has over 30 years of experience in suing doctors, hospitals, nurses, and other medical professionals and facilities for negligence in their care and treatment of our clients. Although we as a society expect our doctors to comply with the standard of care for medical professionals, this does not always occur, leaving the patient and their family severely damaged and afraid.
Medical malpractice claims require the testimony of medical experts. The Andrews Law Firm engages with some of the best medical experts across the United States to help its clients obtain the best recovery possible under the facts of the case. We represent our clients throughout the legal process to obtain a settlement or verdict in their favor. For medical malpractice claims, we agree to represent our clients on a contingency-fee basis where the client will not pay any legal fees unless our firm is successful and obtains a recovery in your case. Contact our firm today to get in touch with our legal staff and set up your free consultation. If you want the largest settlement possible, you must have an attorney that has the experience and proven track record to represent you or your family’s interests. This is why clients choose The Andrews Law Firm.