Toxic Mold, Sick Buildings & Related Illnesses

Mold Exposure, Water Intrusion, and Poor Air Quality
When you work or live in a building, apartment, home, or condominium that has mold, water intrusion, or poor air quality, your body will begin to sustain significant injuries, including complications with breathing, rashes, infections, and brain injuries. Property managers and owners routinely engage in predatory conduct and cut corners to maximize their profits, without any care for these injuries you will sustain from a contaminated working or living environment. These injuries often lead to lifelong complications and illnesses. Even when property managers and owners tell their tenants that they are testing the air quality, for mold, endotoxins, mycotoxins, and other allergens, they test the cleanest and healthiest parts of the buildings instead of the toxic and contaminated areas of your building.
Property managers are known to
Paint over mold to conceal it
Conceal poor air quality in commercial buildings, apartments, and individual homes
Violate local regulations related to property management to maximize profits while taking advantage of unsuspecting tenants
Value profits more than the health and well-being of their tenants.
If your landlord, property owner, or property manager permit a toxic condition, mold, poor air quality, or other contamination to exist and fail to remediate the contamination, you need a Florida environmental lawyer to fight back. With more than 35 years of experience, we have the knowledge and resources to help you get results. Our firm specializes in toxic work and living environment claims. Contact our firm today to get in touch with our legal staff and set up your free consultation.